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Level: Beginner/Elementary
Age: Kindergarden +
Target language: Directions (up, down, left, right)
Time: 5 minutes +
Preparation: Two pictures such as an animal and its tail, plus something to use as a blindfold e.g. a tie or eyemask from an aeroplane. For less preparation, you could draw the picture and use a magnet or another object and bluetack as the tail.


1: Stick a large picture to the board.

2: Blindfold a volunteer. Don’t forget to check they can’t see e.g. by asking how many fingers you are holding up. Spin the student around on the spot (carefully) in order to disorientate them.

3: Give them the “tail.” Tell the other students to tell them where to put the tail.

S1: Up, up, up a little… no down… not that far!
S2: Left and up… more, and more. Stop, right there!


1: Play as a team game by having several pictures around the room. If the pictures are all different, you can extend the game by having teams move to a new picture. Ensure all teams have plenty of space.

2: Give students a time limit as they get more confident. This will help to focus them on speed.

Example Picture Ideas:

Animal and tail (or other body feature e.g. horn, wings)
Face and facial feature (e.g. moustache, glasses)
Diagrams and labels (with more advanced and exam classes)
Town map and building (e.g. cinema, park, museum)

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