Activity: Ambiguous Headlines

For more ESL games and activities, click here. Ambiguous Headlines In this activity students look at ambiguously worded headlines exploring double meanings in English. Focus: Speaking, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary Level: Intermediate+ Age: Teens/Adult Target Language: Newspaper headlines and typical topics e.g. crime, research, politics, etc. Time: 10-20 minutes Preparation: Select Read more…

Activity: Pin the Tail

For more ESL games and activities, click here. Pin the Tail Join my telegram channel for teachers. Click here This classic party game can easily be used in the classroom to practice directions and develop listening, coordination and  cooperation skills. Focus: Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Young Learners Level: Beginner Age: Kindergarden/Primary Read more…

5 things game

Activity: 5 Things

For more ESL games and activities, click here. 5 Things 5 things is a very versatile game for practising vocabulary or leading into a topic. Focus: Lexis, Lead in Level: Any Age: Kids/Teens/Adult Target Language: Any Time: 5 minutes-40 minutes Preparation: Minimal Procedure: 1: Pick a category and note five Read more…

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