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5 Things

5 things is a very versatile game for practising vocabulary or leading into a topic.

5 things game


1: Pick a category and note five things in that category e.g. five things which are round (wheel, coin, ball, moon, orange).

2: Tell students the category and that they have two minutes to think of the same five things.

3: After a few turns, get students to make their own lists in groups and challenge the class to guess their five things.

S1: I’m thinking of 5 things which are green.
S2: Apples? Leaves?


1: With lower level groups it will help to give students the categories so that they simply need to think of the vocabulary.
2: Use as a lead-in by challenging students to name five things related to the topic, e.g. five most spoken languages in a lesson about other languages.

Example Categories:

Five fruits/vegetables/animals/countries.
Five most spoken languages.
Five things in the classroom.
Five famous people from …
Five occasions when people give presents.
Five things made of wood/metal/plastic/leather/glass.
Five ways to travel in your country.
Five jobs that don’t pay enough money.
Five famous detectives.
Five prepositions/linking words.
Five nouns ending with -ation, -ment, etc.

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