Activity: Pin the Tail

Tagged: ESL games for kids
Level: Beginner/Elementary
Age: Kindergarden +
Target language: Directions (up, down, left, right)
Time: 5 minutes +
Preparation: Two pictures such as an animal and its tail, plus something to use as a blindfold e.g. a tie or eyemask from an aeroplane. For less preparation, you could draw the picture and use a magnet or another object and bluetack as the tail.


5 things game

Activity: 5 Things

For more ESL games and activities, click here. 5 Things 5 things is a very versatile game for practising vocabulary or leading into a topic. Focus: Lexis, Lead in Level: Any Age: Kids/Teens/Adult Target Language: Any Time: 5 minutes-40 minutes Preparation: Minimal Procedure: 1: Pick a category and note five Read more…

Activity: Alibi

For more ESL games and activities, click here. Alibi Alibi is essentially a role play in which some students play the role of police detectives, while others play the role of suspects. Students can get very into their roles, especially the police who “try to break” the suspects. A version Read more…

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