How to improve listening skills

Activity: Text Bingo

For more ESL games and activities, click here. Text Bingo Description of activity Focus: Listening Level: Any Age: Primary – Adult Target Language: Any Time: 5 minutes+ Preparation: Need to find suitable texts Procedure: 1:¬†Before the lesson, prepare several different texts. There must be enough for one different text per Read more…

Activity: Pin the Tail

Tagged: ESL games for kids
Level: Beginner/Elementary
Age: Kindergarden +
Target language: Directions (up, down, left, right)
Time: 5 minutes +
Preparation: Two pictures such as an animal and its tail, plus something to use as a blindfold e.g. a tie or eyemask from an aeroplane. For less preparation, you could draw the picture and use a magnet or another object and bluetack as the tail.


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