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Level: Beginner
Age: Kindergarden – Primary
Target language: Clothes, describing appearance, likes/dislikes, questions
Time: 5 minutes +
Preparation: None


1: Move all classroom furniture out of the way so that the children will not get injured. Ideally, your young learners sit on chairs which they are able to move easily, leaving you to move some tables.

2: Line students up against one wall of the class. Ask a question e.g. Who’s wearing black socks? If students are wearing black socks they should attempt to reach the other side of the class.

3: While students are attempting to cross the classroom, attempt to catch as many students as possible (by tapping them gently). The caught students could become catchers too (although this is best introduced after a few times of playing the game).

4: Ask more questions until the last student has been caught. The final student now takes over from the teacher.


Instead of becoming catchers, students could become frozen if touched (students stand with legs apart). Another student can then help their classmate by crawling underneath their legs. The teacher wins if all students are frozen.

Example Questions:

Who has long/short hair?
Who’s wearing (a) black/blue/white socks/shoes/shirt?
Who likes football/ice cream/bananas?
Who doesn’t like coffee/maths/playing sport?

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