How to improve listening skills

Activity: Text Bingo

For more ESL games and activities, click here. Text Bingo Description of activity Focus: Listening Level: Any Age: Primary – Adult Target Language: Any Time: 5 minutes+ Preparation: Need to find suitable texts Procedure: 1: Before the lesson, prepare several different texts. There must be enough for one different text per Read more…

Activity: Pin the Tail

Tagged: ESL games for kids
Level: Beginner/Elementary
Age: Kindergarden +
Target language: Directions (up, down, left, right)
Time: 5 minutes +
Preparation: Two pictures such as an animal and its tail, plus something to use as a blindfold e.g. a tie or eyemask from an aeroplane. For less preparation, you could draw the picture and use a magnet or another object and bluetack as the tail.


Activity: Simon Says

For more ESL games and activities, click here. Simon Says This classic children’s game practises instructions by responding with movement, therefore benefiting kinaesthetic learners through TPR (total physical response). Simon says or a similar game exists in many other languages, with many of these using the name “Simon says”. In Read more…

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