Break Into Management Coaching Package

Have you been in TEFL for a few years and now want to break into academic management? Do you want to find out how to become a senior teacher, an ADOS or even a DOS? Do you have the right skillset? How do you get someone to even give you a shot?

What's Included?

When you sign up for this package, you’ll receive:

  • 5 x one hour Skype calls (at mutually convenient times);
  • session notes from each session covering the points discussed;
  • clear ‘homework’ tasks to help you put discussion into action;
  • email support.

Sessions will focus on:

  • Is management a good fit for you?
  • Which existing skills can you leverage?
  • Which skills might you need to develop?
  • How do you get the attention of your superiors?
  • How do you avoid burnout?
  • How to sell yourself in a CV and interview?

What Will It Cost Me?

Sign up today for £200. Payment can be accepted in over 135 currencies.

Who Will Help Me?

I have been teaching English since 2013 in 4 different countries and have been in academic management for over 6 years.

Let's Do It!

When you’re ready, click on the link below to book.

Still Not Sure?

If you’re not sure if this service would be beneficial to you and you want to discuss it first, use the form below to contact me.

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