Teaching English on Zoom

Are you new to teaching English on Zoom? Have you been doing it a while and need to improve your technical know-how? Are you about to embark on an online CELTA? If so, this course can help.

If you are completely new to Zoom, I would recommend starting with the first video and working through the list. If you have some previous experience, you may want to choose from the menu below.


Welcome to my Teaching English on Zoom course.

Setting up an account

Before you can start teaching English on Zoom, you’ll need to set up an account.

Setting up a lesson

Now that you have an account set up, you can set up lessons.

The Zoom interface

When you’re teaching English on Zoom, it really helps if you have a good understanding of where you can find the features you want. This helps you to efficiently manage the class and set up activities. It can help to just sit on Zoom and explore the options.

Presenting yourself on Zoom

Something that we may not really think much about when teaching English on Zoom is how we come across to our students. However this is very important if we want to keep students and other stakeholders (e.g. parents and employers) happy.

The waiting room

The waiting room is a useful security feature on Zoom, but there are other ways to use it when teaching English on Zoom too.

Sharing your screen

While teaching English on Zoom, this is probably going to be the main way you share material with students.

Sharing your audio

As well as sharing your screen, you may also want to share audio with your students.

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