IELTS Academic Writing Task #4

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Tip: You may have either two or three maps. Make sure you note what time they relate to.

Write at least 150 words.

The two maps below show an island, before and after the construction of some tourist facilities.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features. Make comparisons where relevant.

The two maps below show an island, before and after the construction of some tourist facilities.

The maps compare an island before and after a number of tourist facilities were constructed. Before this construction work, the island had no tourist infrastructure.

In order for tourists to access the island, a pier was constructed. A vehicle track now leads from the pier, circles a reception building and then leads to a restaurant on the far side of the island. To house the island’s guests, two accommodation areas have been constructed on either side of the reception. The first of these, on the right hand side of the map, consists of a ring of nine huts, each with their own footpath that joins a central circular footpath. The other, on the left hand side of the map, has only six huts. Again, these are joined to a ring-shaped footpath by their own individual paths. Another footpath provides access to a beach which allows for swimming.

As a result of the changes, the island appears to be able to accommodate tourists.

Useful Language

construction work – this can be used to describe several things that were constructed

in order to – be careful with this one as we shouldn’t generally say why something was done, but some buildings or constructions have very clear purposes that can be inferred

circles – here the verb to circle shows that a road or path makes a circle shape around something

to house – house can be a verb meaning to contain

hut – this is a type of house that is built from simple materials and using simple methods

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