Duolingo English Test Preparation

Get into university

It’s simple – you want to get into university but the Duolingo English Test stands in your way.

Passing this exam isn’t that challenging, but you want to make sure that you are ready so that you will pass it first time.

Or maybe you have taken the test already, but you need to score higher.

Getting the score you need

To get a higher score on Duolingo, it’s very simple. You need to improve your general English level.

With other exams there are some tricks and startegies you can use to help you maximise your score. With Duolingo, the best way you can improve your score is to know more English.

That is what we will work on, by looking at tasks that are similar to those on the exam.

Study with me

I am a native English speaker from the UK and I have been preparing students for exams (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge and now Duolingo English Test) for more than 10 years.

Buy Now

One lesson (60 minutes) (£20 per hour)

Five lessons (5 x 60 minutes) (£19 per hour)

Ten lessons (10 x 60 minutes) (£18 per hour)

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact me using the form below and let me know what you want to work on in lessons.

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