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Is this you?

  • You can’t say what you want to say in English. Maybe you feel that your English makes you sound childish.
  • You know a lot of words, but you can’t use them.
  • You can’t understand native speakers.
  • It takes you a long time to make sentences.
  • No matter how much grammar you study, your English isn’t getting any better.
  • When you speak in English, other people can’t understand you.

I’ve been working with students like this for over 10 years. I have helped thousands of students to speak more fluently, confidently, clearly and accurately.

Unfortunately, there are many students and teachers who believe in methods that are ineffective. These methods are fine if you want to know about English so that you can be a translator, a linguist or a teacher. If you want to use English, you need a different way.

What I do differently

  • Use a lexical approach – a fairly recent approach that focuses on learning how words combine together in English.
  • Focus on fluency first – mistakes can be fixed later, once you are speaking freely.
  • Focus on real world communication – I give you opportunities to use English as you would in real life.
  • Focus on real  language – the actual way that natives and high-level speakers communicate.

More About Me

I am a native English speaker from the UK (a small city called Worcester to be more precise). I have been teaching English for over 10 years to students from more than 40 countries, and hold the Cambridge Delta. I also train English teachers on the Cambridge CELTA and regularly talk at teaching conferences.

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One lesson (60 minutes) (£20 per hour)

Five lessons (5 x 60 minutes) (£19 per hour)

Ten lessons (10 x 60 minutes) (£18 per hour)

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact me using the form below and let me know what you want to work on in lessons.

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