TEFL Retirement Coaching Package

What would you rather be doing when you’re 70 years old? Writing a lesson plan for someone half your age to evaluate your performance as a teacher? Or spending time with your grandchildren, or sitting on a beach somewhere?

For many TEFL teachers, the ability to retire seems like only a dream. How is it possible when TEFL pays so little? And why worry about something that is 30 or 40 years away?

Maybe you want to continue working as a teacher in your advanced years, but would like to be able to do so on your own terms.

If you’re confused about how you will ever manage to retire from teaching, this is the purpose of this coaching package. Through 4 one hour sessions over 4-8 weeks (at your pace), together we’ll work out how you can retire from TEFL with the kind of life you imagine.

What's Included?

When you sign up for this package, you’ll receive:

  • 4 x one hour Skype calls (at mutually convenient times) to discuss your retirement needs and how you can plan for them;
  • session notes from each session covering the points discussed;
  • clear ‘homework’ tasks to help you understand the options available to you;
  • email support.

What Will It Cost Me?

Sign up today for £160. Payment can be accepted in over 135 currencies.

Who Will Help Me?

I have been a TEFL teacher for over 10 years, teaching in 4 different countries. I have planned for my own retirement and now I am offering to help you do the same.

I am not a financial advisor, so I will not be telling you where exactly you should put your money. I will in fact be asking you a lot of questions to help you identify the steps that are right for you.

Let's Do It!

When you’re ready, click on the link below to book.

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