IELTS General Writing Task #5

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Tip: try to use specific vocabulary, or if you use a general word try to define it more narrowly using a defining relative clause.

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear …,

Your local airport have announced plans to make the airport bigger and increase the number of flights.

Write a letter your local newspaper. In your letter:

  • explain where you live
  • describe the problem and
  • give reasons why you do not want this development

    Dear Editor,

    I was deeply concerned to read the expansion plans for Tweeford’s airport which were reported in the Tweeford Explorer on Friday 18th October. I have lived less than a mile from the airport for the past twenty years, ever since I first moved to the area.

    As reported, the airport want to build a second runway in addition to infrastructure that will allow them to accommodate night-time flights. While on the one hand I am proud that so many people want to fly to this part of the country, expanding the airport will bring obvious problems to residents.

    Firstly, any expansion to the airport will inevitably increase traffic congestion as holiday makers drive to the airport, not to mention those drivers who may occupy residential parking spaces to avoid paying the exorbitant parking costs at the airport. Secondly, the sound of planes landing and taking off already affects residents during the day. Now, residents will also be expected to put up with this unbearable noise when we are trying to sleep.

    I am sure I am not the only resident with these concerns and I hope that our community will take any action we can to oppose the expansion.

    Yours faithfully,

    (203 words)

    Useful Language

    Dear Editor – an appropriate way to write to a newspaper

    deeply concerned – a strong way to say you are worried about something

    runway – the part of the airport that planes take off from and land on

    infrastructure that… – when using general terms like infrastructure it is good to define what you mean more specifically

    to accommodate – to allow something

    inevitably – as an unavoidable result

    not to mention – to introduce another benefit or disadvantage

    exorbitant – very expensive

    unbearable – impossible to live with

    to oppose the expansion – to fight against the decision

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