IELTS General Writing Task #1

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Tip: If you don’t know the name of who you are writing to (e.g. Dear Sir), it is customary to sign off with “Yours faithfully,”

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Sir,

You have received a letter from your bank stating that your account is overdrawn and that you will be charged. You know that this information is incorrect.

Write a letter to the bank. Explain what has happened and what you would like them to do about it.

Dear Sir,

I am writing in response to your letter of 18th March in which you state my account is overdrawn and will therefore be debited an overdraft fee.

I am deeply disturbed by your letter as it is not possible that my account was overdrawn at the time of your letter, or any time prior to this in the past 12 months. I was in fact at my local branch of your bank on 19th March exchanging some currency. During my visit I checked my account balance and, as I expected, it was very healthy.

I am not sure how you have concluded that I have entered my overdraft. I can only imagine that this is an error on the part of an employee. I therefore request that you investigate this matter urgently. I look forward to your response confirming that I will in fact not be charged any fees.

Yours faithfully,

(153 words)

Useful Language

to be overdrawn – to have less than £0 in your bank account

overdraft fee – the amount that is charged by a bank if you are overdrawn

to debit an account – to take money from an account

local branch – the branch of a bank or organisation that is near to you

check your balance – to see how much money you have in an account

a healthy balance – an amount of money which is unlikely to become £0 soon

an error on the part of an employee – a mistake by an employee

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