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Adjective Poems

This idea is based on an idea from Grammar Practice Activities by Penny Ur.

adjective poems


1: Before this activity, students should have learnt a range of adjectives.

2: Show/read students an example poem such as the one below. To make this stage more interesting, remove the noun from the poem and have students guess what it is about.

3: Highlight/elicit the pattern in the poem:

Noun is/are adjective
Noun is/are adjective, adjective
Is/are adjective, adjective, adjective
Adjective, adjective, adjective, adjective

4: Students choose their own topics and write a similar poem.

5: If students are confident they may read out their own poems. If not, you could place them around the room and have students read each others’ or read them out yourself.

6: Give feedback on language use including adjective order.

Fog is scary
Fog is scary, wet
Is scary, wet, thick
Scary, wet, thick, cold


Other templates can be provided to write simple poetry. E.g. a diamante poem

Adjective, adjective
Verb -ing, verb -ing, verb -ing
Noun, noun, noun, noun
Verb -ing, verb -ing, verb -ing
Adjective, adjective

Example Poem Topics:

The students’ hometowns

A family member

A type of weather

A job

A dish


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Photo credit: Joshua Ness

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